Riders United For A Sovereign America
July 4th, 2010
American/Mexico Border
Herford Arizona

RidersUSA again this year helped in placing 16,000 American flags on the Border Fence. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol who showed us wonderful hospitality at his ranch. And also to Cindy, who is one hell of a good chef. Needless to say, we were well fed during our 3 days on the border.

The signs say it all.

Messages from all across America.

Cheap labor!!

More Messages.

Flags and more flags.

Congress, read the message!

Maybe using a air compressor next year would be faster :)

The view from our guest house on Glenn's ranch.

Each flag had a message attached to it.

Mexico in the background. Buildings are used by American Border Patrol for many projects.

John Wayne's ranch he had in Mexico.

Jim was looking for an Italian girl on the border. He settled for a German one.

The finished project.
A big thank you to Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol for organizing this event.



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