Riders United For A Sovereign America
JULY 4, 2009
American / Mexico Border
Hereford, Arizona

RidersUSA members joined Glenn Spencer's American Border Patrol and placed over 3000 American flags on the border fence located south of Sierra Vista, Arizona. A big thank you to Glenn for all he does and for letting us help. Every flag had a message attached from the citizen that donated the flag.

Glen Spencer 005.jpg
One of many messages.

Glen Spencer 026.jpg
Val adding more messages.

Glen Spencer 009.jpg
Border fence looking west.

Glen Spencer 014.jpg
Border marker.

Glen Spencer 021.jpg
The sign says it all.

Glen Spencer 050.jpg
ABP's solar powered border camera and motion sensor.

Glen Spencer 001.jpg
             One of 6 buses we encountered on the way down to the border the night before outside of Tucson.
                  All were full of illegal aliens being transported by the Border Patrol. Who says they are not still coming across the border.

Glen Spencer 042.jpg
Border Patrol waiting in the river bottom for illegals.

Glen Spencer 006.jpg
Another message.

Glen Spencer 029.jpg Glen Spencer 031.jpg
Patrolling the fence and the river bottom.


The finished project. Over 3000 flags sent from every state in the country.

Glen Spencer 047.jpg
The tall fence and what is called vehicle barrier fence.

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