Riders United For A Sovereign America
Riders USA thanks the following for sponsoring the flags
to be used in the
2009 Memorial Day Rally
at the Phoenix National Memorial Cemetery

Sponsor a Flag in your name here!

 Eric & Lisa-May Mansfield
 Waddell's Longhorn Corral  www.waddellslonghorncorral.com 32
 Tim & Rita Rafferty
 Accurate Sharpening & Cutlery Sales
  www.AccurateSharp.com  1
 Steve & Rhonda Ross  Xtreme Leathers  www.xtremeleathers.com  1
 Thomas Nedry
 Clements MN
 None  2
 Mr. Bob  Bob's Used Motorcycle Parts


 Norm & Mim Podrazik
 Phoenix, AZ
 None  2
 Jason & Natalie Eisenberg
 Phoenix, AZ
 None  1
 Patrick Podrazik
 Phoenix, AZ
 None  1
 Dan Herrera
 Arrowhead HD
http://arrowheadharley.com/  1
 Blacksheep HDFC
 Arrowhead Chapter
 None  1
 Jim & Jayne Cooney
 RAIA www.RAIA-SouthWest.com
 David Gowan
 Sierra Vista, AZ
 None  1
 Henry Bowman   Phoenix, AZ   None  1
 Mark Siffer
 RidersUSA  None  1
 Craig Pearson
 RidersUSA  None  1
 Michael DeRosa Family
 RidersUSA  None  4
Don/Fast Eddie's Dinner Phoenix, AZ  3422 W Glendale Ave 
Sal DiCiccio  Phoenix City Council  http://salforcitycouncil.com/  10 
 Kerri and Sheron Langston Phx, AZ     2
Mike & Gai Anthony
 Jan Larson






 Companies/persons listed below
 have supported our event in someway  many, many thank yous!!  
 Jim and Jacque Edgman  AZ Veteran Highway Founder
 Gary and Jenni Burns  Bell Signs
 Waddell Longhorn Corral
 Randy Miller
 M & M Portable Toilets
 Gateway Printing  JoeGatewayPrinting@yahoo.com
 Ed  BB Printer  edbbprintery@aol.com
 Bruce Miller  M & M Portable Toilets  http://www.totalseal.com/
 Total Seal, Inc  Phx, AZ    
 Steve Moriarty  Cycle Dynamics  21622 N 7th Ave #7 Phx



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