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“As Smooth Sees It”
by Keith Lefebvre

“George Washington, Donald Trump and Gratitude

While sitting in a deer blind today overlooking a Wisconsin farm field, I was struck by something I read on the internet about George Washington and Thanksgiving. I had no idea that on October 3, 1789, George Washington issued his Thanksgiving proclamation, designating for “the People of the United States a day of public thanks-giving” to be held on “Thursday the 26th day of November,1789”

Thanksgiving is my favorite of all the holidays, but I never knew this little piece of history, I always thought it was Lincoln, but I digress. I have had a few life lessons passed over to me through experience and the good advice of others and I am a strong believer in the power of gratitude. I have always felt that gratitude is the foundation of wisdom and have tried to practice it on a daily basis. Especially while sitting in a deer blind for an accumulated 86 hours with nothing to show for it…. except for the gratitude I have for the friends and the landowner that let me hunt the property. (See how that works?)

Washington and Trump. What can they possibly have in common you may be asking, and my answer would be “leadership”. Both men are powerful leaders and both men were/are involved in turbulent times in our nation’s history. Times that demand leadership.

Washington was creating a new nation, and Trump is trying to pick up the pieces, in a nation that is devouring itself being led by a Leviathan of government that only seeks to feed itself at any cost. A government of an elitist government class that has forgotten who “We the People” are.

Washington fought back the British and Trump is fighting back the leftists and the leftist controlled media that have one goal……to keep the American people divided and bring down a President. At any cost.

I watched President Trump’s visit to the troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving and was taken by what a true symbol of leadership he looked like in doing that. I could see his sincerity as he spoke with the troops and his gratitude for their service. For some reason the picture of Washington crossing the Potomac came to mind. And then the media released a headline that read “What did Trump do for Thanksgiving? He tweeted and played golf”.

Isn’t it amazing that on my favorite day of gratitude some “journalist” took the time to spew that kind of garbage while the POTUS is serving turkey to the troops in a war zone? I am just blown away by the media and the literal hatred they have for this President. They have become nothing, but a propaganda machine set on literally destroying our government with their lies and leaks and pure crap they put out. Wouldn’t it be nice if for just the rest of the holiday season that we could all come together and shut them out and focus on the simplicity of gratitude?

Instead of figuring out how to bring Trump down, shouldn’t the American media be focusing on building American society back up?

I don’t know……. maybe I am just getting old and senile these days but I cannot remember a time when so much anti-American crap was being fed to the masses of this great nation. A nation that demands leadership of the style that both Washington and Trump have shown.

As I sat in the deer blind today and watched over the cornfield, I was overcome with the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for good friends, and men like George Washington and Donald Trump. Take the time for the rest of the holiday season and be grateful. Take just a minute each day, and think about anything, however small that you can acknowledge as being grateful for.

I for one am truly grateful to be born in the greatest country in the world; I wish more people would remember this….we need it as a nation.

   Keith Lefebvre  from  Oconto Falls, Wisconsin has been a RidersUSA member since 2007. He is a  Father, Husband, Mentor to youth and men, a Student of life, Speaker of truth, and a Lover of Liberty. Keith is a US Air Force Veteran and a NRA Certified Shooting Instructor. He rides a 1977 Electra Glide and a 120 horse 2001 Electra Glide

December, 2019



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