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“As Smooth Sees It”
by Keith Lefebvre

“Head Shots for Jesus

      Sometimes the only way a guy like me can get through the insanity of today’s world is with humor, which brings me to the title of this piece of my thoughts which I somehow manage to peck out on this computer.

      By now we have all heard the story of Jack Wilson and the church shooting that he ended with a miraculous 50ft shot from a Sig Sauer P229 pistol chambered in .357 Sig. I say the shot was miraculous but, in all reality, it was instinct and training. The actuality of a man being able to make a shot like that, under duress, with people dying around him is not something that I ever want to be tasked with. You see, I carry a gun, as a general rule, everywhere I go, but after seeing the video of the murders of those people in that church and seeing Mr. Wilson’s response it has occurred to me on a personal level that I don’t shoot enough.

      I can’t imagine how Jack Wilson feels, I watched his interview that is available on the internet and was amazed at how composed and calm he was, he said that he didn’t kill a human, he killed “an evil” and I realized that he was right. And then I contemplated what would I have done in his situation and was suddenly aware of the fact that I probably could not have done what he did. Oh sure, I like to think that I would have done something to facilitate ending the situation, or would I be shot like the security guy sitting behind the murderer who was slowing drawing his weapon and this cost him his life?

      That leads me to challenge myself and others to step into to 2020 with a newfound awareness of how much more is needed in being a sheepdog than just carrying a gun. It takes training, it takes discipline and it takes the awareness that one day I could find myself in a situation where I find my firearm in my hands and lives are dependent on my ability to use it proficiently. I hope and pray that I never find myself in that situation, but should I be called, I don’t want to be the guy that was too slow on the draw and got shot consequently.

      I hope that all of you that are burdened with reading my nonsense will join me in starting a new training regimen concerning marksmanship and as equally important firearm presentation skills. Shooting at paper targets and cans and bottles is one thing, drawing your weapon under stress and hitting a target is another. I’m sure that like me if you carry a gun, you’ve considered Jack Wilson’s shot of 50ft to the head to stop the murderer.

      Some may say it was God himself guiding that bullet, but I am more inclined to think it was training and discipline. Myself, I’m heading to the range on a biweekly basis going into the New Year, it’s time to be confident in my ability to make a headshot for Jesus should the time ever come.

      We in RidersUSA are all familiar with the difference between wolves and sheepdogs, Jack Wilson is a sheepdog.

       I think I am going to be more aware of my responsibilities as a gun owner and sheepdog in 2020.

A must read on the subject matter: Sheep, Wolfs and Sheepdogs by LTC (Ret.) Dave Grossman at http://www.ridersusa.net/page-45025

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of RidersUSA, Inc. 

   Keith Lefebvre  from  Oconto Falls, Wisconsin has been a RidersUSA member since 2007. He is a  Father, Husband, Mentor to youth and men, a Student of life, Speaker of truth, and a Lover of Liberty. Keith is a US Air Force Veteran and a NRA Certified Shooting Instructor. He rides a 1977 Electra Glide and a 120 horse 2001 Electra Glide

January, 2020



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