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“As Smooth Sees It”
by Keith Lefebvre


On October 1st, 2017 evil struck in Las Vegas and took the lives of 58 people and left 851 injured (including over 400 by gunfire). The shooting occurred between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the shooter fired into a crowd of concert goers across the way from the hotel. In that period he fired more than 1100 rounds from rifles that had devices known as bump stocks attached to them. The shooter’s motive is still “unknown” and conspiracy theories abound as to what really happened. What no one is talking about is how much of our personal liberty also died that day.

Now our Congress and POTUS have decided to ban bump stocks. The NRA has come out in full support as well, and like sheep being led to the slaughter, conservatives and “gunnies” and liberty minded freedom lovers have run to support this tyrannical idea!

I’ve heard it said “you don’t need that thing”, “they’re junk”, “they make your gun inaccurate”, they waste ammo” and the list goes on and on as to why other people can justify the support to remove my freedom of choice to purchase an item that was deemed “safe and legal” by the ATF on April 16, 2013.

I am a huge 2nd Amendment enthusiast, an NRA certified Instructor of all disciplines of shooting, pistol, rifle, shotgun and muzzle loader and a big fan of our POTUS. The day he announced his candidacy, I turned to my wife and said, “There’s our next POTUS” and I was right BUT, on this topic, he is absolutely wrong and as usual so is the NRA.

Do not be fooled, this is just another attempt for the anti-gun crowd to get their camel nose a bit farther into the tent. If we continue to give an inch, we will soon reach a point where legislation will make your firearms nothing more than hammers which can be forged into plows. Have you paid attention to ammunition laws? Did you know California will require a full background check in July 2019 to purchase a box of ammo to take your kid shooting? Did you know that you can’t transport ammo from another state into California?

Yeah but “It’s California” …. I’m sick of that line. How many California plates are YOU seeing in Arizona? Wake up people, the illusion of safety by restricting liberty is fast becoming the norm in our country and it’s beyond a slippery slope. It’s tyranny and tyranny by any other name is still tyranny. 

Keith Lefebvre  from  Oconto Falls, Wisconsin has been a RidersUSA member since 2007. He is a  Father, Husband, Mentor to youth and men, a Student of life, Speaker of truth, and a Lover of Liberty. Keith is a US Air Force Veteran and a NRA Certified Shooting Instructor. He rides a 1977 Electra Glide and a 120 horse 2001 Electra Glide

January, 2019



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