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“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
by Vince Ansel

  “2nd Amendment Rally Helps to Defeat AZ Anti-Gun Legislative Efforts”

RidersUSA along with our Partners AZFirearms and Gun Freedom Radio drew nearly 4000 2nd Amendment supporters to the Arizona State Capitol for the 7th Annual “Celebrate and Protect the 2nd Amendment” Rally on February 15, 2020. This dwarfs the 500 gun rights supporters who graced the Senate lawn last year. This year was different and here is why.

With millions of dollars pouring in from ideologically rigid anti-gun concerns, an unprecedented effort has been underway to confiscate guns from the law abiding in Arizona and the nation as a whole. Anti-gun legislative efforts are most often disguised as “public safety” measures. Bill sponsors generally insist that your 2nd Amendment would be protected while simultaneously going about the business to strip you of those rights. This tactic of deception has long been exposed and most gun rights advocates are very much aware of this “sleight of hand”.

When I hear wayward politicians trying to cajole gun owners in supporting anti-gun measures in the name of “public safety”, I cringe. Real public safety actually comes in the form of the citizenry having the effective means to address a tyrannical government, foreign invasion and to self-defend against the criminal element. There’s nothing more infuriating in knowing that a sizeable portion of our political “representation” are ignorant in how firearms played an integral part in the shaping of our nation. We must never forget that it was an armed citizenry who vanquished evil and tyranny and a great nation was born! That same dynamic holds true today.

According to Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) February 21, 2020 was the deadline for all Bills to be heard in committees in their perspective originating chambers (AZ House or Senate). Only 5 of the 38-gun related bills have survived. Over two dozen anti-gun Bills are now dead for this Legislative Session. Bills regarding Red Flag laws, “assault weapons” ban, bump stock ban, universal background checks, ammo storage requirements and doctors required to ask if you own firearms, are all dead…..for now! As of this writing three pro-gun measures are still alive and kicking and continue through the process! The anti-gun lobby is nonetheless still hell-bent on disarming you. They apparently do not tire. Predictably, expect more of the same in the next Legislative Session!

Is it coincidence that our 2nd Amendment Rally was held on February 15, and within 6 days so many anti-gun Bills were killed before going through the legislative process? Imagine 4000 determined gun owners’ in unison and just mere yards away from where legislative actions are taken, demanding that their gun rights not be infringed upon. This is a powerful message to the AZ Legislature that “We the People” are to be taken very seriously. I don’t know if this was the tipping point of why so many of these anti-gun measures were killed. However, it would be reasonable to assume that it was a major factor in a concerted effort by many to quash these Bills! We can continue to best usurpers of our Gun Rights as long as we remain engaged, vigilant, resolved and stay united!!! God Bless the 2nd Amendment!

The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of RidersUSA, Inc.

Vince Ansel from Phoenix, Arizona joined RidersUSA in 2010. He is Politically Conservative, a Military Combat Vet, Husband, Father and Grandpa. Being relentless in preserving traditional values and our God given Constitutional Rights is core to his values. He accepts life's many challenges with grace, dignity and determination. Rides a 2005 Harley Davidson Fatboy.

March, 2020



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