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“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
by Vince Ansel

Gun Rights vs Denim Jeans

Picture this….You’re a red blooded American who loves god, country, family, job, apple pie and every other conceivable pleasure that living in this great nation affords its citizens. You love the Constitution and the liberties granted in our Bill of Rights; especially the 2nd Amendment Right to “Keep and Bear Arms”. You are a strong believer that no other Amendment is more important than the 2nd because it is the mechanism that secures and insures our freedoms and liberties.

         So here you are one day getting dressed and ready to attend a 2nd Amendment Rally sponsored by RidersUSA and AZFirearms at your local State Capitol. You slide into your Levi blue jeans, put on a smart fitting Levi tee shirt and then strap on your favorite firearm to a Levi made leather belt. You struggle a bit trying to decide whether to don your “Trump 2020” cap or your Military Veterans headwear.

         Little did you realize that outfitting yourself with Levi Strauss manufactured products would lead to you aiding and abetting a sworn political enemy dedicated to taking away the very Gun Rights you are about ready to support and rally for.

          Were you aware that Levi Strauss CEO, Chip Bergh is on a mission to utilize the company’s money and name recognition to bolster anti-gun causes? Bergh takes it one step further. Levi Strauss has a policy in place that will double the amount of donations made by its employee’s who give money to anti-gun organizations. It doesn’t end there.

           Levi Strauss has also set up the “Safer Tomorrow Fund”. It is an organization that offers grants to “youth activists” who are the foot soldiers in efforts to undermine the 2nd Amendment with the ultimate goal of confiscating the firearms of law abiding Americans. With profits made from selling jeans and other kinds of leisure wear, Levi Strauss intends to strengthen its rabid anti-gun campaign in cahoots with Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” group.

            In what used to be a respected and legitimate business model likened to rugged individualism, Chip Bergh has turned Levi Strauss into an agenda driven, misguided movement to disarm the American gun owner. Our 2nd Amendment guarantees the right of law abiding Americans the means to defend against the criminal element and a tyrannical government. Levi Strauss would deny you those rights if they have their way.

             Businesses that interject the ignorance and political prejudices of their leaders by the utilization of company profits to fund policies that work to deny their customers basic Constitutional rights, have gone too far. The only way to fight these overly zealous “Progressives” is to “hit them” where it hurts the most………in the pocketbook!

             Remember……whenever you purchase a pair of Levi Strauss jeans, shirt, belt or denim jacket, you are funding a political cause dedicated to using your hard earned monies to strip you of your right to own a firearm. What you are doing is providing the very cudgel that will then be used to unmercifully beat you and other 2nd Amendment proponents over the head. Your money can certainly be better spent elsewhere. Now that should scare the (Levi) pants off of you!             

 Fact Source: NRA

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Vince Ansel from Phoenix, Arizona joined RidersUSA in 2010. He is Politically Conservative, a Military Combat Vet, Husband, Father and Grandpa. Being relentless in preserving traditional values and our God given Constitutional Rights is core to his values. He accepts life's many challenges with grace, dignity and determination. Rides a 2005 Harley Davidson Fatboy.

May, 2019



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