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“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
by Vince Ansel

SPLC - Merchants of Hate and Division

Who are these people??!!! The “Southern Poverty Law Center” is an organization whose self-professed mission is to ferret out, expose and prosecute American “hate groups”. Actually, they are a well-funded tool of the left whose mission is to suppress political opposition. Ironically, the SPLC is one of the leading purveyors of hate, division and injustice known in this country today. Targets are selected according to the politics of their prey. If an organization or individual has an agenda that doesn’t fit within the narrow confines of their leftist ideology, that entity may be subjected to legal harassment and “blacklisted” as a nuisance or a danger to the public at large.

SPLC accusations of “hate mongering” by some groups may have some merit. However, SPLC lumps together “right of center”, conservative, pro-America organizations with the true purveyors of hate. This “muddling effect” is intended to lend an aura of legitimacy to an organization specializing in deception and propaganda.

Legal action has recently been taken by the SPLC against two local conservative organizations, the “Patriot Movement, AZ” and “AZ Patriots”. Members of these two organizations had been confronting busloads of Illegal Aliens being dumped at local churches by Homeland Security for processing on their claims for “asylum”. In the final analysis, 90% of these claims have been shown to be totally bogus. http://ktar.com/story/2602419/federal-lawsuit-filed-against-arizona-anti-immigrant-groups/

Granted, the confrontational style of the aforementioned groups has been controversial. They are an “in your face”, no nonsense bunch of young Americans decrying the invasion of thousands of Illegal Aliens breaching our southern border with Mexico. To their credit, this group of activists “keeps it legal” by not encouraging or engaging in acts of violence.

The legal action filed against these conservative organizations is totally frivolous. Since when is the usage of harsh language against foreign law breakers and their enablers contrary to Constitutional principles? Answer: it isn’t. This lawsuit is a clear attack on the 1st Amendment Rights of American citizens who have the courage to speak out when government fails.

SPLC is a seditious, leftist organization, whose tactics include the unleashing of unscrupulous lawyers in beating up on political opposition. By attacking these young patriots with frivolous lawsuits, they are utilizing our legal system as a cudgel to intimidate them into submission and ultimate silence. Bullying tactics like this simply will not work. It is antithetical to the American spirit of Freedom and Liberty. We love our freedoms more than we fear SPLC.

Aiding and abetting SPLC, Congressional inaction adds to this conundrum. The deceptions committed by SPLC needs to be exposed and challenged at every turn for the divisive damage they do to society as a whole. They revel in chaos. Without it, they have no purpose.

Regardless of whether you agree in the manner with which PMAZ and AZPatriots go about their business, we need to support basic 1st Amendment Rights to free expression. The SPLC lawsuit is indeed an attack on that Constitutional right and any reasonable judge should agree. Groups like PMAZ and AZPatriots should be heralded for vehemently speaking out on the anti-American activities of an “Open Borders” agenda. If we do not “circle the wagons” to defend and support these American Patriot groups, will SPLC then be emboldened to target you next???

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Vince Ansel from Phoenix, Arizona joined RidersUSA in 2010. He is Politically Conservative, a Military Combat Vet, Husband, Father and Grandpa. Being relentless in preserving traditional values and our God given Constitutional Rights is core to his values. He accepts life's many challenges with grace, dignity and determination. Rides a 2005 Harley Davidson Fatboy.

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