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Riders USA thanks the following for their service
and their names will be flying on flags
that are being used in the
2019 Memorial Day Rally
at the Phoenix National Memorial Cemetery

May 27th, 2019

Herbert Kampmann
Jaime Paz
Gene J.W. Jones SSG Air Force(3)
Oliver Jones Maj. NG
Edward Jones Sgt. Army
Gene Wyman Army
Paul Bastin Army
Timothy Cadwell Marines
Joseph Harley Cathell (3)
Josh Haught Army
Ronald R. Gary, Army (3)
World Wide / All Times TAV
John Shafer AF Maj.(2)
Spanky Spangler
All who served
For the fallen
Terry Wayne Cope, Navy
Theadore Tschetter WWII Navy
Art Garza USMC KIA
Mike Noline USMC KIA
Mike Connor USMC, KIA
Brandon Ramey USMC, KIA
Anthony Reynolds Army
Frederick Eugene Donaldson USAF
Robert Wellbaum USAF
Michael, Army
Jack Elsa USAF
Buzz Buzzard, USAF
Capt. Robert D Haver, USAF KIA (3)
To all the Fallen
Frank Simonelli, Korea, Army
All who Served
All who served
Charles Simmers
Joseph Bray
Del Faust Army
Dean Faust, USAF
Jeremy Faust, USMC
All who served
Gordon Holtzman
Robert Miller Navy
Robert Cambel, Navy
Ramon Favela Army
Howard French
To all Vets
To all Vets
Joe E Estralla Army
Vern Odem Army
Bob Jannenga Army
Edward Joseph Navy (3)
Lori Abbott
Joseph Wousour
Dennis Clifford Sr Army
Robert Boreun Army
Ken McBride Army
Steven Bates Marines
Konrad Wutscher Army
Donald W Ryan, WWII Army Air Corp
Peter W. Ryan, AirForce
Richard Crane Navy/Korea (2)
Anthony Vetch
Michael Vetch

All Veterans 

Charles R. Lathrum Navy/Korea (3)

(*) Number of flags for this Veteran

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Thank you to all our sponsors these past 13 years. God Bless.



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